Healthcare Management Consulting Services

With over 30 years of management experience, Dr. Berkowitz offers several healthcare management consulting services through SMB, lending his knowledge and guidance to health care systems, physicians, hospitals, trustees, and professional societies.

SMB Health Consulting is dedicated to offering the best and most up to date information in the medical industry. We are enthusiastic about the future of health care. But organizations have to act now in order to put in place the appropriate changes necessary to achieve ongoing success and improve the health of the communities they serve.



A gifted speaker, Dr. Berkowitz presents on high relevant topics within the medical community. He is a guest speaker, delivering keynote addresses, presentations at leadership retreats, and hosting panel discussions.

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Clinical Workshops

Dr. Berkowitz hosts clinical workshops that help medical professionals, leadership, and health care systems develop key skills and programs that improve healthcare quality and patient outcomes.

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CMO Consulting & Mentorship

As a Chief Medical Officer of several large systems over the past 25 years, Dr. Berkowitz has a vast amount of experience and knowledge within this demanding position. Drawn from this experience, Dr. Berkowitz offers Chief Medical Officer consultant services, serving as either a mentor to new and experienced CMOs or as a fractional CMO to health systems.

Rapid Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is vital to the long range success of hospitals, yet many hospitals may spend days, weeks, or months on detailed strategic planning. Dr. Berkowitz offers rapid strategic planning sessions that help hospitals accelerate the planning process, resulting in several key objectives including:

  1. Achieving a greater appreciation and understanding of the health care market among all stakeholders.
  2. Reaching consensus among stakeholders for the strategic business objectives of the hospital.
  3. Better equipping trustees to be a community ambassador who can successfully represent the hospital to key community stakeholders.

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