Might Your Next Doctor be a Computer?

The roles of AI, robotics and “Big Data” in the future practice of medicine
The growth in data accumulation, artificial intelligence (AI), and more sophisticated and dexterous robots have increased dramatically. In the very near future, artificial intelligence may exceed human intelligence. Robotic technique and skills may exceed that of the surgeon. Large super-computers, that have the ability to digest virtually every medical article ever written, will have the fund of knowledge to diagnose and manage better than any physician. “Big Data” will have the capabilities to analyze millions of patients. It sounds far-fetched, but these technologies continue to evolve at warp speed- exceeding Murphy’s Law of doubling in capacity every 12-18 months. What might this new world look like? In this futuristic and thought-provoking presentation, Dr. Berkowitz will discuss how these futuristic realities, combined with other new technology like biologicals, genomics, and nanotechnology will change how medicine is practiced.
“Artificial intelligence may exceed human intelligence.
Robotic skills may exceed that of a surgeon”
Presentation Objectives :
1. Review the progress and evolution of artificial intelligence, robotics and “Big Data”.
2. Discuss how future clinical databases, with advanced coding and integration will change clinical best practices protocols, and achieve better predictability of patient outcomes.
3. Discuss how hospitals and health care systems can best manage this new technology.
4. Discuss the roles of biologicals, genomics and nanotechnology, and how they will catalyze change in this new environment.
5. Discuss the implications on the provider and the patient, particularly on the doctor-patient relationship.