Key Success Factors in the Formation and Management of Hospital-owned Medical Groups

Creating Value for the patients, providers, hospital and community
With the continued consolidation in health care and the trend toward physician employment, hospitals and health care organizations will face increasing challenges in the development and successful management of their provider group practices. Hospital-owned medical groups will be facing complicated structural, governance and operational issues, particularly in the areas of provider productivity/ compensation, efficient care delivery models, services offered, decisions making and stakeholder engagement. Dr. Berkowitz, in his role as consultant, as well as having been President of a large multispecialty group of over 1,000 providers, will discuss his personal experiences as well as offer national best practices for health care organizations to more successfully design and implement provider practices that will provide better VALUE to the organization and to the communities they serve.

“Hospital-owned medical groups will be facing complicated structural, governance, and operational issues”

Presentation Objectives :
1. Discuss the challenges of physician employment and medical group consolidation that face hospitals and health care systems today.
2. Review models for optimal governance and efficient operation of provider groups.
3. Discuss best practices in medical group compensation and alignment of incentives.
4. Discuss the role of service lines, centers of excellence, and regionalization of care.
5. Discuss the importance of provider/ hospital compacts and share examples from medical groups across the country.
6. Give best practice examples of how the medical group and the independent providers on the medical staff can best work together.