And what to do about them!!

We know that in addition to the pressures put upon health care organizations to achieve superior quality, satisfaction, and deliver cost-effective care, we are now several years into the implementation of the ACA. This brings new market and regulatory forces into the access and delivery of care.  The year 2017 is shaping up to be the “Quiet before the storm”, regardless of who will be elected to the presidency.  There may be some “down time” as the new administrations looks at health care, but even with the potential legislative gap, the market forces will continue to move ahead rapidly.  The underlying forces that drive health care are not stopping.  Now more than ever, all health care organizations need to assess the market and legislative backdrop and develop initiatives to prosper.  Organizations need to refocus on critical issues in quality, experience and cost reduction, and develop best practices for the future.  We will see some game-changers with unexpected health care consequences. Dr. Berkowitz will discuss 5 key game changers for health care in 2017, and what hospitals and physicians must do to prosper in this new environment.


  • Discuss how increasing transparency in quality and price will effect health care delivery as well as “rewrite the book” on competition in health care
  • Review the effect of increasing patient deductibles and co-payments on utilization, patient experience and quality
  • Discuss the rise of shared decision making and health literacy
  • Discuss the role of the implementation of clinical guidelines and how IT advances will effect these guidelines
  • Discuss the ramifications on the 2017 implementation (or non-implementation) of ACA on hospitals, physicians and patients.
  • Discuss the roles of new and disruptive technologies such as telemedicine, genomics and personalized medicine
  • Dr. Berkowitz will give national best practices on how to excel in the market against these game changers