The Unique Challenges for Rural Health Care Delivery

How to remain mission-driven, community focused, and keep the door open!
All hospitals are facing unprecedented challenges with the pressures of cost reduction, maintaining quality, patient satisfaction, and developing integrated networks of care. The rural and community hospitals have special challenges in these arenas, which can ultimately effect the very viability of the institution. Trustees have more responsibilities than ever before. Critical decisions regarding service lines, medical staff availability and engagement, and tertiary care support are now top of mind. Dr. Berkowitz will discuss these issues and offer best practices on how the community hospital can continue high quality care throughout these difficult times.

“Trustees have more responsibilities than ever before.”

Presentation Objectives :
1. Discuss the role of transparency and how it effects quality, competition, reimbursement and survivability.
2. Review the importance of incorporating best practices into every service line offered.
3. Discuss cost reduction strategies in partnership with the physicians.
4. Discuss how to improve continuation of care seamlessly across the hospital and community.
5. Review the role of risk and risk products for community hospitals.
6. Discuss the importance of a hospital- physician strategy– employment and independent.
7. Review the options for partnering with tertiary care systems– and what is best for your institution—when to send the patient, and how to make sure the patient comes back.