A Survival Guide for Health Care Delivery-  2020 and Beyond

   The futuristic road towards value and a “Virtual Health Organization”
Our health care industry is going through unprecedented changes. The empowered consumer, demanding increased Value in an environment of a competing health care dollar, will fundamentally change how we do business. Transparency with accountability will become the new normal. Unpredictable and disruptive technology will abound. Historical relationships, such as the physician-patient relationship will change. Traditional thinking will be left behind. All stakeholders will need to become better engaged and involved as market forces such as telemedicine and AI will transform organizations into “Virtual Health Organizations” with the ability to provide “point of care patient care” achieving the end goal of true population management. This provocative keynote will address how health care will survive and prosper in this very strange environment. Are you ready to throw away the old textbooks and enter a whole new world? Dr. Berkowitz will discuss five key imperatives. It’s not just Reform- It’s SURVIVAL!

“Transparency with accountability will become the new normal”

Presentation Objectives :

1.  Review how to thrive in an era of the competing health care dollar and how to adapt traditional strategies of market share and profitability in order to better leverage the medical PMPM.
2.  Explore the concept of transparency, not just as a way to improve performance and look good in public reports, but rather as a new way of doing business.
3.  Discuss the increasingly important role of new technologies amongst all providers of care with the need of early recognition and appropriate implementation of often disruptive technologies.
4.  Discuss the goal of achieving engagement and alignment amongst all stakeholders, including the patient as a key stakeholder as the concept of health literacy matures. State of the art information technology systems and connectivity between all will be required.
5.  Discuss how “Big Data” and artificial intelligence will catalyze a “Virtual Health Organization” with restructuring of the physician-patient and hospital-patient relationships.