Is 2017 the Quiet Before the Health Care Storm?

We are now several years into the implementation of the  ACA and health care reform.  Admittedly, we have seen many changes…. the rise in consumerism and transparency, the world of high deductibles, health care consolidation, and pay for performance programs, just to mention a few.  But in many ways, we have not changed at all.  Overall hospitals are doing well, providers are well paid, (although at the cost of increased hours and administrative hassles), and the patients are being seen.  Outcomes are continually improving and patient experience has been enhanced.  Sounds good… but there is a looming problem:  health care costs continue to rise.  This silent “high blood pressure” indicator of health care could have disastrous outcomes if not abated.  Present trends in cost simply cannot be maintained.   And we have a new President in January.

Business as usual?  Hardly.  Because of the new administration, we may not see many changes in 2017, but the market forces keep moving ahead.  There may be a storm a-brewing!  Other service industries have developed fundamentally new models that shocked their industries, and were completely  not predicted a few years ago.  Health care will do the same…. and it will be very different world.  Dr. Berkowitz will share present health trends and how we may see some ground-breaking and unanticipated changes in the next few years.  Get ready for a wild ride!


  • Discuss how transparency and consumerism are shaping new changes in health care
  • Discuss the ramifications of rising health care costs and the point at which it can no longer be tolerated
  • Show how other industries have achieved success without bricks and mortar, and how this can be applied to health care
  • Discuss how shared decision models and real time information can change existing health care clinical models
  • Discuss novel models of potential health care restructuring and reorganization
  • Dr. Berkowitz will showcase national best practices moving forward