The Role of Real-time Knowledge and Team-based Care

When I was in Medical School, we were simply trained to do things “My way or the highway” and the physician was regarded as “the captain of the ship”.  We are now in a very different world.  Over the last several years, the media and the Internet have vastly changed both the volume of knowledge and the accessibility of that knowledge to every stakeholder in health care. Increasing deductibles have made the patient more personally responsible and accountable in health care decision making. And patients are choosing where and when they want care. Medical decisions should not be made only by the physician.   Many organizations are developing shared decision-making models, where the ultimate clinical decision for the patient is made in a team setting that utilizes the specific expertise of each of the stakeholders.  Initial studies have shown that these models can improve clinical outcomes, improve the patient experience, and also lead to more cost-effective care.  This trend will only increase and health care will truly be delivered by an informed team working as a team– including the patient. Dr. Berkowitz will discuss best practices and how organizations can thrive in this new environment of true teamwork.


  • Review the national goals of increasing health literacy
  • Review how increasing patient involvement has catalyzed a new team culture of shared decision making
  • Discuss how social media has created a new normal and real-time patient expectations
  • It does take a village– discuss how optimum patient care is truly a community effort involving input and effort from the patient, the family and the entire health care team
  • Discuss models of shared decision making and how successful systems are using this team-based approach to improve outcomes and satisfaction, and move to the ultimate goal of population management