Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

        What healthcare leaders need to know… NOW

Background: AI in Healthcare

Hardly a day goes by when there is not a story in the news about artificial intelligence and its impact on society. New advances in technology and applications—both exciting and scary—seem to be occurring exponentially. There is now evidence that AI can learn on its own and that it can “make things up” or even hallucinate. GPT is enabling technology that is increasingly like a human. Computer-brain interfaces can physically connect the mind to the computer.

How does the healthcare executive stay on top of the science and make knowledgeable decisions? Or do we just let AI take over the world? Might your new doctor be an AI hologram?

Dr. Steve Berkowitz will review the basic models and concepts of AI such as processing speed, machine learning and networks, with particular emphasis on their applications in healthcare. He will discuss special interest topics such as GPT and other conversational AI in healthcare, along with brain-computer interfaces, emergent properties, and the concept of singularity. He will discuss the past, present, and future impact of AI on healthcare systems, patients, and providers.

Finally, with the recent “Pause” letter on GPT technology, Dr. Berkowitz will discuss the moral implications of AI both in and out of healthcare, and the role of future regulations and compliance.

                  “AI can learn on its own, and it can ‘make things up.'”

                  “Might your new doctor be an AI hologram?”

AI in Healthcare Presentation Objectives:

  1. Review the basic models and concepts of artificial intelligence.
  2. Discuss the implications of specific topics such as emergent properties, hallucinations, brain-computer interfaces, and how they can contribute to AI singularity.
  3. Review the impact of GPT technologies, particularly how they would affect the providers and the hospital.
  4. Discuss the overall present and future impact of AI on the basic delivery of patient care.
  5. Discuss the social/moral issues of AI and potential need for regulation.

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