The Role of Biologicals, Genomics and Nanotechnology in the Future of Health Care

These three technologies will rewrite the book on health care


The practice of medicine will continually be changed by new and sometimes disruptive technologies. Genomic testing has the ability to predict the risk of future health events, response to certain medications and treatability of certain tumors. Nanotechnology may revolutionize the delivery of medications and surgeries through the miniaturization of procedures. Dr. Berkowitz will discuss how these two modalities can dramatically change how hospitals and caregivers treat patients.

“Nanotechnology may revolutionize the delivery of medications and surgical procedures”

Presentation Objectives:
1. Discuss the role of disruptive technologies on the practice of medicine for both caregivers and hospitals.
2. Review present and future potentials of genetic testing.
3. Discuss potential legal and ethical consequences of genomics.
4. Review best practice methodologies for choosing new technologies on the basis of value- cost, experience and quality outcomes.
5. Discuss the evolving role of microtechnology and nanotechnology in the future practice of caregivers and the financial implications for hospitals.