The Expanding Role of the Physician Executive

…Way beyond “schmoozing” the doctors in the doctors’ lounge
The role and influence of the physician executive has come a long way in the last decade. Specifically, the role of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Chief Physician Executive (CPE) has expanded in scope and influence. New opportunities now exist for the physician to have greater impact on the future of health care. How can we better select, groom and mentor these physician leaders? Dr. Berkowitz will discuss his experiences as a CMO over the last 25 years, his experience in mentoring these executives, as well as review “pearls” for present and future physician leaders.

“How do we better select, groom and mentor these physician leaders?”

Presentation Objectives :
1. Discuss the changing roles and responsibilities of the physician executive.
2. Give examples of how the physician executive can enhance the senior leadership team.
3. Discuss organizational strategies to better select, groom, and mentor physician leaders.
4. Discuss opportunities to speed the learning curve of new executives.
5. Discuss best practices on how to measure performance of physician leaders.
6. Review how one-on-one mentoring can accelerate the learning curve of the physician executive.