Twelve Pearls for the Successful Physician Executive

…Lessons (sometimes painfully) learned as a Chief Medical Officer.


The role and influence of the physician executive has come a long way since the old days of “schmoozing” in the physicians’ lounge.  The responsibilities of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or Chief Physician Executive (CPE) have greatly expanded in scope and influence.  Being a successful physician executive requires many skills NOT taught in medical school.  How can we better select, groom and mentor these physician leaders?

Dr. Berkowitz has been a CMO for health care systems, individual hospitals, insurance companies, medical groups, and outpatient facilities.  He has distilled these experiences into twelve pearls that are must-haves for all successful physician executives.  He has incorporated these pearls into a CMO mentoring program for both new CMO’s and experienced CMO’s facing particular challenges.

In this presentation, Dr. Berkowitz reviews these pearls and offers national best practice solutions for the health care challenges ahead.

“Being a successful physician executive requires skills NOT taught in medical school.”


  1. Discuss the changing roles and responsibilities of the physician executive.
  2. Present the twelve pearls and offer practical solutions to the challenges they bring.
  3. Discuss organizational strategies to better select, groom, and mentor physician leaders.
  4. Discuss opportunities to speed the learning curve of new physician executives.
  5. Discuss key challenges for even experienced physician leaders.