Can AI Help with Improving Rural Healthcare?

In partnership with AI, how to remain mission-driven and community focused!

Artificial intelligence will affect healthcare profoundly in the next few years. Rural and community hospitals already face unprecedented challenges with the pressures of cost reduction, improving healthcare quality and access, maintaining patient satisfaction, and developing integrated networks of care. Recently, the option of becoming a Rural Emergency Hospital and closing inpatient services has been put on the table.

Dr. Berkowitz will discuss the present state of artificial intelligence in healthcare and its future potential to benefit community hospitals. He will specifically address areas of clinical decision support, revenue cycle, clinical protocols, GPT, rural health equity, regulation and others. He will offer best practices on how the community hospital can best partner with AI initiatives and prosper through these difficult times.

“Artificial intelligence, when appropriately utilized and managed, will be a powerful asset for the community hospital.”


  1. Discuss the expanding role of artificial intelligence and how it can enhance rural medicine.
  2. Provide practical definitions and a working model for AI.
  3. Discuss key AI concepts such as emergent properties, hallucination, GPT, deep fakes, and singularity.
  4. Propose a “Call to Action” for hospital leadership outlining key initiatives that must be considered.
  5. Outline specific opportunities to “partner” with staff and AI and how to determine the optimal contributions of both to improve overall health care and health equity.