Was Dr. Welby the Role Model?

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My role model was Marcus Welby.

I remember as a young child watching the Marcus Welby show judiciously every week. What a role model. What a tremendous doc. And medicine was his calling. He was completely devoted to his patients. Day or night he would always make sure that the patient was seen and well taken care of. Whether the patient was an adult or a child, simple or complicated, he was able to do all things for all patients. Specialties were not his limitations. Surgery, medicine, or pathology were no obstacles for him. It seemed that every week he was seeing a patient with a medical problem in a different specialty. That never stopped him. He was always there to comfort the patient or reassure the worried family member. Because he was devoted and he knew what to do. I don’t recall his ever getting sued. In fact I don’t recall any hassles with paperwork, hospital medical staffs,or any other kind of administrative issues or encumbrances. He was just a doc.

Wow, that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up. I want to be just like him, and have a calling just like him, and do wonderful things for patients of all kinds just like him. And drive a nice car, wear nice clothes and live in a nice house.

But there’s one thing that Marcus Welby fans must always remember:

He saw just one patient a week!!!

Maybe that’s the answer. Maybe that’s why he was so wonderful. Maybe that’s why his calling was so apparent.

Looking back over the years I realize the one important lesson we should have learned from Dr. Welby:

He must have been one kickbutt ace at creative billing.

Carry on my friends.


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