Chief Medical Officer Consultant Services

Having been a Chief Medical Officer of several large systems over the past 30 years, I provide professional consultant services drawn from my experience and knowledge of this demanding position. I am very aware of the challenges that face the CMO today. The job continues to grow in scope, responsibility and complexity—it has come a long way from “just hang out in the physicians’ lounge and keep the docs happy”!

Skill sets for a successful CMO are far more than just clinical. They include: data analysis, strategic planning, finance, EMR, the latest CMS and TJC regulatory policies, contracting skills, and exceptional communication and collaborative abilities (just to name some!). Many of the challenges encountered by a Chief Medical Officer are completely unexpected.  The CMO can feel isolated from typical historical support systems, such as medical staff.

The CMO is a critical part of your executive team, and it takes years of experience for a CMO to fully mature into the role.  Many new and even established CMOs need periodic coaching and guidance.

To meet this growing need, SMB Consulting now offers two services:

1.  CMO One-on-One Advisory/Mentorship Program

a. For the new CMO to advance the learning curve.

b. For the experienced CMO facing unusual challenges.

Program Design and Content:

1. Leadership self-assessment questionnaire and individual skills enhancement:

Each participant completes a leadership self-assessment benchmarked to a national database. Specific leadership skills and gaps are identified and addressed during the program.

2. Didactic content pertinent to today’s medical executive:

“Topic of the Week”- Discussion and assignments on implementing best practices on key CMO learning topics.

3. Real time operational support and coaching:

Weekly review and analysis of specific day to day operational activities and challenges including: Discussion and preparation for specific daily responsibilities How to set and exceed personal and organizational objectives and measures Constructive role-playing (scenario-based learning) to better prepare and build competency and confidence

4. The typical engagement:

1. Weekly private, confidential contacts with the CMO covering leadership, didactic and operational issues.

2. “PRN” availability 24-7 for urgent and emergent situations that may arise during the course of the program.

3. Periodic progress reviews with the participant’s supervisor

4. The length of the engagement varies from six months to over a year.

2. General Chief Medical Officer Consultant Services

In addition to advisory and training services, I also serve as a consultant via a customized retainer program for hospitals who do not have a full-time Chief Medical Officer to periodically consult on routine medical/clinical/operational matters.