Healthcare Keynote Speaker

I hate “canned” talks. As an experienced healthcare keynote speaker, I’ll work with you to develop a presentation that meets the unique needs of your organization. Then I’ll provide the knowledge, passion, and inspiration to be the best!! Reach out to me and let’s get started.
—Steve Berkowitz

AI in Healthcare

Dr. Berkowitz will review the basic models and concepts of AI, with particular emphasis on their applications in healthcare. He will discuss the past, present, and future impact of AI on healthcare systems, patients, and providers.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare 2.0

Designed for those who have attended the first presentation on AI in healthcare, this presentation focuses on specific clinical and operational challenges that hospitals and physicians must face, as well as applications of AI in healthcare.

The Impact of AI on Rural Healthcare Delivery

Dr. Berkowitz will discuss the present state of artificial intelligence in healthcare and its future potential to benefit community hospitals, providing best practices on how these hospitals can partner with AI initiatives and prosper.

Beyond Provider “Burnout”

As organizations struggle to recognize and manage burnout, Dr. Berkowitz will discuss how we need to move ahead to change our concept of “burnout," moving toward goals of provider health, resilience, and well-being.

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