Leadership Through a Pandemic – Lessons Learned

What did we learn from COVID and what skills we must master prior to the next disaster?


COVID was on no one’s radar screen nor was it on anyone’s Strategic Plan for 2020.  It came without warning taxing our health care resources to the limit.  Organizations learned that decisions and policies required serving four masters- medical, financial, social, and political- and often they were NOT aligned.

“Following the science” was politicized, and sometimes weaponized to fit the prevailing agenda… even the “experts” disagreed.  And that science with its ensuing recommendations and mandates changed during the pandemic.  Health care leaders had to navigate through this complicated economic/social/economic/ political environment in a “fog of war”.

But not all was bad, as numerous innovations were developed during this time that will remain and substantially improve care in the future- becoming the “new normal”.

We know that this will not be the last pandemic affecting health care.

Dr. Berkowitz will discuss national best practices that organizations have learned through this pandemic, and how to hardwire these practices into your organization prior to the next one.


  “Organizations must understand the difference between “science” and scientific opinion… even the experts will disagree.”

Presentation Objectives:

  1. Review how to successfully recognize and manage the consequences of the four dimensions of decision making: medical, economic, social, and political.
  2. Discuss how to better analyze data during the “fog of war” and develop flexible strategies that more effectively serve the organizational objectives.
  3. Discuss how to better understand and manage subject matter expertise. Is the organization following the “science”, or the political agenda? And how do you know the difference?
  4. Discuss national best practices and innovations developed during the COVID pandemic that will become the “new normal” in health care of the future