It has been frustrating to say the least, to watch the political process unfold regarding health care reform.  What was once an “immediate repeal and replace” mandate as campaigned by most Republicans has now disintegrated into multiple diverse factions, and these frustrations are reaching all time levels.  Watching the news, I hear one embarrassing comment after another, from both parties.

And guess what, if nothing is done in the next few months, just wait until the 2018 health insurance rates are posted in the fall.  You want to see real sticker shock!!

My message today is brief, but resolute:

We are all patients.  Republicans, democrats and independents all get sick.  To the surgeon, once opened up, people of all denominations and creeds look the same inside.  Simply put, all of us will someday wind up as patients in the very systems we are now creating.  We are all in the same health care boat.  And this boat is taking in water as we speak.

Americans, get over our partisan encumbrances (that’s the nicest word I can think of) and start to think of ourselves as a nation in need of more accessible, cost-effective quality health care.

Now more than ever, is the time for collaboration.  Open it all up for discussion.  Take the good stuff in Obamacare and keep it.  Get rid of the bad stuff.  Forget the politics.

Mr. President, I hope you will reach out to all parties to come together on developing the health care of our future.

Legislators, whether republican or democrat, sit at the table.  Let your voice be heard, and together seek a solution.

As it is written:  Come, let us reason together.

The health of our country is at a crossroads.

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