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Recognized as a leading expert in the Medical Industry, Dr. Berkowitz speaks to health care organizations all across the United States. While every hospital is unique, we are all facing the same overall challenges. Let’s develop a presentation to meet the unique needs of your organization.

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Executive Mentorships

Based on his experience of over 25 years as a CMO, Dr. Berkowitz developed this unique program that combines didactic instruction with day to day counseling and mentoring. Applicable to both new and experienced executives, Executive Mentorship programs include onboard training as well as crisis management consulting.


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COVID-3 Follow the Science….

But, opining on science may not be science.   I’m sure by now, you have heard many times the latest buzz phrase “Follow the science” from our politicians.   Dr. Tony Fauci recently said, “Science is truth, and as a scientist, I hold the truth”.  Interesting sound bite, but it begs a deeper dive.  What…

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SMB Health Consulting provides:

  • Keynote presentations that are up-to-date and motivational on such topics as enterprise wide quality improvement, clinical integration, physician leadership, hospital-physician organizations, population management, risk management, and healthcare reform
  • Clinical performance improvement workshops in areas such as core measures, hospital-acquired conditions, readmissions, VTE prophylaxis and STEMI times
  • One-day strategic planning facilitation for trustees, executives and medical staff
  • Executive Mentorship Program for new and established CMO’s who would desire periodic coaching and mentoring. We also offer services for hospitals that do not currently have a CMO.
  • Other consultative services for hospitals and healthcare organizations such as physician compensation, medical group structure and governance issues

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